Better With A Bit Of Snow

New York Winter in Cloud - Photograph by Laura Lecce
New York Winter in Cloud – Photograph by Laura Lecce

This current winter season in New York has been quite a mixed bag. It began with one of the warmest Christmas days on record (although, being used to Christmas in Australian summer, it was still too cold for me). By mid January we were all lulled into a false sense of security, I was almost believing it might be a winter with no snow, and I was even a little disappointed (even I found that surprising about myself!). Well, the snow came, and it was a massive amount of snow in one day. Central Park was transformed from gloomy brown and barren to pristine and picturesque white. My two photographs were taken only a week apart, and I have to say that the white snow landscape makes for a prettier picture. So I guess if it has to be winter, then it is better with a bit of snow.

New York Winter in Snow - Photograph by Laura Lecce
New York Winter in Snow – Photograph by Laura Lecce

Versatile Blogger Award

My blog was recently nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by lovehappily. Thank you dearly for this very sweet gesture that I will gratefully accept. Paul’s blog is one of my favorite places to visit for general life encouragement and positivity, and I think its an inspirational blog to all who visit.


In acceptance of this award, here are the seven things about myself that others may not know.

  1. When I lived in Sydney I had quite a large orchid collection (around 100)
  2. I had never travelled overseas before the age of 23, and now I live overseas
  3. My background is Italian, and I have never been to Italy….(yet)
  4. I am lactose intolerant, which developed 6 months before I turned 30
  5. I’m a scientist researching heart disease, but my PhD was in reproduction
  6. A food I eat every day is peanut butter on toast
  7. I love the smell of coffee, but hate the taste, so instead I drink tea

Lastly I would like to pass this nomination onto 15 of my favorite blogs.

Thank you all for welcoming me into the blogging community! It has been a truly wonderful experience that I hope continues for a very long time.




The Power Of A Wave

The Power of a Wave – Art by Laura Lecce

Every summer as I was growing up, my family would go on vacation to the central coast, about two hours north of Sydney. Much to our dismay, my dad would wake us up very early to go to the beach. His summer ritual was to spend ten minutes observing the waves, mapping out the ocean rip tides, and finally locating the perfect area of the beach to fish. Mum would sunbake and my brother would play in the sand. I would be mesmerized by the crashing waves, quite thunderous at this particular unpatrolled surf beach, in awe that water alone held so much power. My dad would always and too often remind me “don’t go in too far, because if a rip tide drags you out to sea, I am not a good enough swimmer to rescue you”. Those words, repeated to me too often, haunted me. My childhood was filled with the recurring nightmare about a Tsunami crashing over the land and sweeping everybody out to sea. After getting lost in the vast and never ending ocean, the dream would often reset, and the wave would come again, and again, and each time we desperately scrambled to outrun the water, but always unsuccessfully. Eventually, the panic would become too much, and I would wake up and exhale in relief that I was not drowning, and inhale realizing that I could breathe.

Confused Blossoms

Confused Blossoms - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Confused Blossoms – Photograph by Laura Lecce

I took these photos in Charleston, South Carolina about 3 weeks ago. Sadly, the trees are confused, they think spring had arrived. Similarly in New York, all the trees have buds on them, even the magnificent magnolias in Central Park. Little do they all know, winter is still ahead of them. This week they have felt true winter temperatures for the first time this season, and this week will bring a large snow shower. Poor trees with their hopeful buds. They aren’t the only confused hopefuls, as even the bulbs planted in Central Park were climbing their way through the soil and peeking out. I hope the snow won’t destroy them too much, and when spring truly comes, they will rejoice with the rest of us!

Blossoms - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Blossoms – Photograph by Laura Lecce

Spring Babies

Spring Babies - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Spring Babies – Photograph by Laura Lecce

Each year the season of Spring brings with it an influx of animal youngsters growing up in the warmer months of the year. Spring time in Tasmania, Australia, is a particularly wonderful time of year where baby wombats are following their mothers around. They are incredibly cute and cuddly, and very solid little creatures. Don’t let that fool you though, as they have quite large and sharp claws for digging burrows, and can run surprisingly fast for their short little legs. This particular mum and bub was quite happy to be photographed, even sharing a very cute and cuddly moment with the camera whilst contently munching on the grass.

Cuddly Wombats - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Cuddly Wombats – Photograph by Laura Lecce


I Dream of Sunsets

I Dream of Sunsets - Art by Laura Lecce
I Dream of Sunsets – Art by Laura Lecce

I have never lived on the West coast of anywhere… and yet I dream of sunsets. From my vacations, I have countless photographs of sunsets on beaches – I take millions of them. However, when I get home and look back at them, I am always disappointed. To me, a photograph has never captured the vastness of the setting sky. The subtle changes in color as the sun slowly lowers itself to sleep. The true depth of oranges, pinks and yellows as the sky fights off the imminent dusk. The giant mirror of endless ocean which captures the color of the sky, adding its own unique brushstrokes to the magnificent artwork that is the sunset.

King of the Aussie Bush

King of the Aussie Bush - Photograph by Laura Lecce
King of the Aussie Bush – Photograph by Laura Lecce

Here is a photograph of my favorite Australian bird, the Kookaburra. The loud calling sound it makes is like boisterous human laughter echoing through the outback, mainly in the early mornings and approaching dusk. A skilled hunter, these birds prey on mice, snakes, small reptiles and the babies of other birds, and are fittingly called the Kings of the Australian bush. This particular kookaburra is very riled up, having just had a dispute with a fellow bird, which was perched next to him. Whatever the argument they were having… he definitely won.