Oak Avenue

Oak Avenue - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Oak Avenue – Photograph by Laura Lecce

On a recent trip to Charleston, in South Carolina, I went to see Boone Hall Plantation. Being one of Americas oldest working plantations since 1681, it offers a unique education of American history. The house and gardens are a beautiful sight, unfortunately, they have an ugly history of black slavery. Thankfully, they now use these treasures to educate the public of the history of slavery and the trials and struggles that slaves faced in a horrific time in history. The photo above was the main reason I was drawn to this beautiful place. It is called Oak Avenue, and is a stunning, eerie and truly beautiful tunnel of oak trees planted in 1743. Hanging from the trees are drapes of Spanish moss which thrive in the South Carolina climate. The history that these trees have been a part of, and what they must have seen in their lifetime can almost be felt as you walk down this street. If only the trees could tell their story.

Oak Avenue Bench - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Oak Avenue Bench – Photograph by Laura Lecce


5 thoughts on “Oak Avenue

  1. i see that you stopped by for a read..

    i am truly grateful, may i add, those great old tree, do have story..

    You must sit quietly, they talk really slow..

    What they seen throughout history and time pass,

    they will let you know!

    hugs & kisses chris


  2. Such an incredible place, with a linear history of ongoing importance.
    A beautiful photo that makes me want to reach into the image and experience the colours, textures and scents.

    Australia, as America does, has a rich ancient indigenous history. Australia though lacks a long in depth modern culture.

    Growing up of European descent in Australia has meant having a great understanding of the settlement of western culture, as the history is so recent.

    When reading of this plantation as you have detailed, I feel awe of the generations that have been touched by such a place over so many centuries.

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