I Dream of Sunsets

I Dream of Sunsets - Art by Laura Lecce
I Dream of Sunsets – Art by Laura Lecce

I have never lived on the West coast of anywhere… and yet I dream of sunsets. From my vacations, I have countless photographs of sunsets on beaches – I take millions of them. However, when I get home and look back at them, I am always disappointed. To me, a photograph has never captured the vastness of the setting sky. The subtle changes in color as the sun slowly lowers itself to sleep. The true depth of oranges, pinks and yellows as the sky fights off the imminent dusk. The giant mirror of endless ocean which captures the color of the sky, adding its own unique brushstrokes to the magnificent artwork that is the sunset.

4 thoughts on “I Dream of Sunsets

  1. Beautiful work, Laura! I lived in New York (east coast) most of my life, and moved a few years ago to California. So, now I get to experience amazing sunsets. If you ever make it to California, you will certainly love the splendid colors created by the setting sun.

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    1. Hi Kevin, I am glad someone understands my feeling! I’m sure you are also enjoying winters much more in California. I follow a person on Instagram who constantly publishes amazingly red sunsets from San Diego. I am very jealous!

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      1. Me too! I look forward to lots of visits to your blog. Hopefully one day I will be lucky enough to see a Californian sunset, in the meantime, maybe I will see one on your blog. 🙂

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