Geometric Succulent

Geometric Succulent - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Geometric Succulent – Photograph by Laura Lecce

This beautiful succulent was growing in a pot on my balcony. An easy to keep plant, even for the most neglectful of gardeners. Many succulents can make for incredibly beautiful photographic subjects. Not only for the huge variety of colors that succulents can come in, but mostly because the geometry found in nature is particularly strong in these plants.

Golden Spirals

Golden Spirals - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Golden Spirals – Photograph by Laura Lecce

These Spiral Gilled Tube Worms live embedded in mounds of coral. The spirals which they project out are used for feeding and respiration. In addition to a very interesting shape, they come in an array of beautiful colors, which often makes them the subject of underwater photography. This particular photograph was taken while snorkeling in Malaysia, however, they can be found in many tropical corals around the world. When disturbed or startled, they instantly tuck themselves into their burrow, forcing me to hold my breath while they slowly fan themselves out again. I never would have thought I would find a worm so gorgeous.

What a life

What a life - Photograph by Laura Lecce
What a life – Photograph by Laura Lecce

This iguana is a resident of Washington Slagbaai National Park in Bonaire. A small island in the Caribbean, it is one of the less travelled destinations in this area. The turquoise colored water of its beaches can provide stunning backdrops for any photograph. This particular iguana was incredibly unafraid, and wanted to climb into my lap to eat the avocado I was spreading on my sandwich. I have photographed many iguanas while on vacation, as they are remarkably individual with unique patterns and coloring of their scales. A truly beautiful creature, even if, regardless of how happy and relaxed they are, they always look grumpy.

Winter Beauty

Winter Beauty - Art by Laura Lecce
Winter Beauty – Art by Laura Lecce

Surprisingly, New York winter is a great time for bird spotting in Central Park. The trees are bare, the backdrop is neutral, and there are no leaves to hide behind. So after I had truly had enough of gloomy, freezing winter days, I painted this bright little bird to cheer myself up. He sits above my kitchen bench, and makes me smile every morning while I make my breakfast.

Falling On A Hill

Falling on a Hill – Art by Laura Lecce

This painting is inspired by the Autumn colors seen while hiking at Bear Mountain in New York. Late in the season, rich redish-browns signify the last of the falling leaves and the peak of the leaf litter covering the ground like freshly laid carpet.

Blue Bird of Western Australia

Blue Bird of Western Australia - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Blue Bird of Western Australia – Photograph by Laura Lecce

Photographs of birds are always tricky and the smaller the bird the shorter the time it stands still. This gorgeous little bird is fittingly named the Splendid Fairywren. One of the common visitors of Cottage Café at The Berry Farm in Margaret River, Western Australia. A beautiful little spot to sit outside surrounded with tranquil garden, whilst drinking tea and enjoying delicious homemade scones with jam. I was lucky enough that this particular bird was not shy, and sat on my table happily eating the crumbs of my scone. A photograph of stunning blue bird to eternalize a beautiful memory.

Autumn Colors of Central Park

Autumn in Central Park – Photograph by Laura Lecce

Central Park in Autumn provides a photograph with stunning colors. A photograph made even more beautiful with the reflection of colors in the tranquil water of The Lake. After moving from Sydney, Australia to New York over a year ago, I have now witnessed each of the changing seasons. Such a stark contrast in seasonal colors is something Sydney dwellers cannot appreciate in such a temperate climate. In summer this lake is filled with so many tourists, they cannot paddle their boats without knocking into each other. Autumn colors however are short lived, and very soon this image will be replaced by naked trees and gloomy winter days. We spend these days dreaming of the blossoming Spring to come.