Spring Babies

Spring Babies - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Spring Babies – Photograph by Laura Lecce

Each year the season of Spring brings with it an influx of animal youngsters growing up in the warmer months of the year. Spring time in Tasmania, Australia, is a particularly wonderful time of year where baby wombats are following their mothers around. They are incredibly cute and cuddly, and very solid little creatures. Don’t let that fool you though, as they have quite large and sharp claws for digging burrows, and can run surprisingly fast for their short little legs. This particular mum and bub was quite happy to be photographed, even sharing a very cute and cuddly moment with the camera whilst contently munching on the grass.

Cuddly Wombats - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Cuddly Wombats – Photograph by Laura Lecce


7 thoughts on “Spring Babies

    1. Hi Tim,
      They wouldn’t make a very good pet. They’re nocturnal, so they sleep all day and come out late afternoon and eat all night. They also build fairly extensive burrows which can be a whole underground network of tunnels (they would completely destroy the yard). Plus they’re bigger than people imagine, they can weigh 32 to 80 lbs (15-36kgs). Not so cuddly at that size…
      They make for very cute babies though.

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