The Year Ahead

The Year Ahead - Photograph by Laura Lecce
The Year Ahead – Photograph by Laura Lecce

As yet another year is coming to an end tonight, it is nice to reflect on all the new things this year has brought with it. For me, starting this blog has been a big part of it, and a nice way to end it. It has truly been a pleasure discovering the wonderful people that are out there blogging, and being welcomed to observe all your wonderful talents. I look forward to sharing so much more with the world in 2016, and hopefully continue to add beauty and positivity into the world. Happy New Year everyone!

Sunset on Maho Beach

Sunset on Maho Beach - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Sunset on Maho Beach – Photograph by Laura Lecce

First day back in rainy New York after a wonderful Christmas trip to Saint Martin, a teeny island in the Caribbean. This particular beach, Maho Beach is located right next to the airport. Its a great spot to watch all the planes flying in, which makes for a beautiful photograph at sunset.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays - photograph by Laura Lecce
Happy Holidays – Photograph by Laura Lecce

This will be my second Christmas away from home, and it still seems weird not to be having a hot and sunny Aussie BBQ Christmas. This photo is of some of the decorations that light up New York at this time of year. The original photo has white Reindeer and red trees on a black background. However, to satisfy the expectations of Australians that believe the other side of the world has snowy Christmases, this photo is for you. A very merry Christmas to all, (or as is said over here), HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

He Dreams of Sailing

He Dreams of Sailing - Art by Laura Lecce
He Dreams of Sailing – Art by Laura Lecce

I have a friend who talks of taking sailing lessons. To be out on the water, free to explore. With good friends, good food and a full glass of wine, watching the sun setting over the horizon. This was painted for him, as a reminder to one day pursue his dream of sailing.

The Polka Dotted Butterfly

The Polka Dotted Butterfly - Photograph by Laura Lecce
The Polka Dotted Butterfly – Photograph by Laura Lecce

This photo was taken in Ontario, Canada, on the way to see Niagara Falls. I sat next to this large pot of colorful flowers, and this butterfly decided to sit next to me. I absolutely love the white polka dots on his black and brown wings.

Making Honey

Making Honey - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Making Honey – Photograph by Laura Lecce

Yet another lovely nature photograph from Tasmania. Spring time brought with it many intensely colored flowers and the bees were all hard at work. The purple flower, yellow and black bee and lime green background all work together to enhance each of the colors even further. I was just lucky I finally got one photo where the bee stood still long enough to be in focus! There were so many of them on these particular flowers, and at first I was trying to follow the bees with the camera, which was not working. After much frustration and blurry bees, I eventually changed my strategy and just held the focus on the flower instead, until the bee landed in the frame. This gave me much more control over the focus without my camera moving around as much. This photo also reminds me that purple was my favorite color as a child.