Confused Blossoms

Confused Blossoms - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Confused Blossoms – Photograph by Laura Lecce

I took these photos in Charleston, South Carolina about 3 weeks ago. Sadly, the trees are confused, they think spring had arrived. Similarly in New York, all the trees have buds on them, even the magnificent magnolias in Central Park. Little do they all know, winter is still ahead of them. This week they have felt true winter temperatures for the first time this season, and this week will bring a large snow shower. Poor trees with their hopeful buds. They aren’t the only confused hopefuls, as even the bulbs planted in Central Park were climbing their way through the soil and peeking out. I hope the snow won’t destroy them too much, and when spring truly comes, they will rejoice with the rest of us!

Blossoms - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Blossoms – Photograph by Laura Lecce

13 thoughts on “Confused Blossoms

    1. Thank you Francisco! I will be staying indoors this weekend trying to keep warm (huge snow storm arriving in New York tomorrow.) A great day for arts and crafts I think. You have a wonderful weekend too! I wish I was living in Sao Paolo at the moment.


  1. Beautiful sentiment.

    Confused hope before the storm.

    Maybe we’ve all been there, at some time.

    Best wishes to you to stay safe from the coming storm.

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  2. Lovely blossoms, Laura. We have the same issues here in Britain with the mild weather – so many spring wildflowers already blooming, birds displaying courtship rituals (and more!).

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      1. My pleasure and thank you! I’m happy you enjoyed it! It’s indeed a though subject but I’m happy I improved since the previous tries 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!

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