A grizzly and her cubs in a field of flowers

A grizzly and her cubs in a field of flowers – Photograph by Laura Lecce

Life doesn’t get much better than this. Watching a mamma grizzly make her way slowly through a field of yellow wildflowers while her two cubs run around her. This picture was taken in Spring in Teton National Park. There were quite a few female grizzlies each with two beautiful and bouncy cubs. Predictably they took the same route every day, so on each day you could catch a glimpse of them making their way through this field. I learned that a grizzly can be distinguished from other bears because of the hump on it’s back above the shoulders. They are so much bigger than I imagined, and every time I saw a bear on this trip I would forget to breathe. You really feel like you are in the presence of a magnificent and truly special animal. What a truly wonderful experience.

7 thoughts on “A grizzly and her cubs in a field of flowers

    1. Thanks!
      Actually we weren’t in a car, however, this photo looks much closer than in reality. When you visit Yellowstone and the Tetons, there are rules about keeping a safe distance from the wildlife (to keep both you and wildlife safe from each other). When a bear is spotted and draws a crowd, rangers will come to make sure everyone is far enough away and staying safe. The adult bears are so used to people though that they don’t even pay attention to you. The babies however are quite curious and would look up at us occasionally.

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