Friday Flower – Will I ever get sick of Dahlias?… Nope

Blood red dahlia – Photograph by Laura Lecce

I’ve posted dahlias so many times now that I have nothing left to say, except that any attempt at photo manipulation of this image just made it look worse! It’s too perfect as it is.

For other Dahlias please click here.

8 thoughts on “Friday Flower – Will I ever get sick of Dahlias?… Nope

  1. Gorgeous! I love dahlias and the dinner plate variety drives me batty with love and admiration. I always wanted to grow them but they seem a bit picky and I have tried and failed. I think that they don’t do well with freezing temps and that is part of the problem. Have a wonderful weekend!

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    1. My grandfather had a knack for growing these. When they just start to bud, he would pick half of them off so the plant would put more energy into the ones left and the flowers would come out huge!
      They probably don’t like cold at all, that’s why they flower in summer, not such a problem for my granddad who was living in Sydney.
      Enjoy your weekend Margaret!

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    2. The tubers dont like hard frosts and will go to mush. Try digging them up in late autumn and store in a frost free and dry environment over winter. In spring either pot them up and you can take cuttings from the shoots for extra plants and then plant out again, or just plant out. The tubers are obviously better left alone in the soil, which is what I do, but I will come a cropper one day when we get some really hard frosts.

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      1. Thanks for tips Graham, we don’t have that problem in most parts of Sydney. But I can see how the top half of the US would need more care for their bulbs through the snowy months.


      2. That’s what I thought, I am pretty sure that they turned to mush with our cold weather. I am really bad at digging bulbs up, a chore that I detest, I might have to admire them. Thanks Graham!


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