Mama bear is always watching

Mama bear is always watching – Photograph by Laura Lecce

This glorious black bear mama is keeping a watchful eye on her two bouncing cubs not too far away (click here to see baby bear post). Her fur is so shiny and in perfect condition. It was such an experience to sit and watch her graze while her two babies bounced over logs and tried to climb tree trunks and clumsily fell and rolled around in the grass. She wasn’t at all concerned by our presence (don’t worry I was much further away than this picture looks!), but every now and again the babies would stop and stare at me to see if I was still there watching before going back to their rough and tumble play. How blessed they are to call Yellowstone their home.

Spring brings baby bears

Spring brings baby bears – Photograph by Laura Lecce

This fuzzy little bear cub is the very essence of what makes Spring the best season of the year. Animal babies! This bouncy ball of fluff is one of two baby cubs to a mamma black bear (click here for her post) in Yellowstone National Park. She is much darker than her chocolate brown babies, but actually the name ‘black bear’ is actually quite misleading as they can come in many different colors such as brown, cinnamon, blond, grey and even white! Don’t you just want to give this cutie a cuddle? Most definitely not because mum is not too far away with an ever watchful eye on her two little bubs.

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A grizzly and her cubs in a field of flowers

A grizzly and her cubs in a field of flowers – Photograph by Laura Lecce

Life doesn’t get much better than this. Watching a mamma grizzly make her way slowly through a field of yellow wildflowers while her two cubs run around her. This picture was taken in Spring in Teton National Park. There were quite a few female grizzlies each with two beautiful and bouncy cubs. Predictably they took the same route every day, so on each day you could catch a glimpse of them making their way through this field. I learned that a grizzly can be distinguished from other bears because of the hump on it’s back above the shoulders. They are so much bigger than I imagined, and every time I saw a bear on this trip I would forget to breathe. You really feel like you are in the presence of a magnificent and truly special animal. What a truly wonderful experience.

A Feast Of Salmon

Bear and the Hungry Bird - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Bear and the Hungry Bird – Photograph by Laura Lecce

It has been a life long dream of mine to see big fluffy bears in the wild. This may be due to the fact that Australia has absolutely no large mammalian predators (our biggest is the dingo, which is basically a gorgeous golden colored dog, we do however win with the scary reptiles). So I went to Canada during the season where bears are hunting salmon in the streams to fatten up before winter hibernation. It was truly a National Geographic experience. I went to a salmon hatchery on Vancouver Island which is known to attract the local bears.

Bears Hunting - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Bears Hunting – Photograph by Laura Lecce

I was able to watch the bears for hours, who were thankfully much more interested in the salmon than the tourists on the edge of the stream! They were so spoilt for food that they barely ate much of the fish before discarding the half eaten carcass, much to the delight of the nearby birds. It was a magical experience to be in the presence of such large and spectacular creatures such as these.

Bear - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Bear – Photograph by Laura Lecce