Bad Omens

Black Crow - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Black Crow – Photograph by Laura Lecce

If crows are a bad omen, then my life must be terrible! Having done a fair bit of driving through various parts of Australia in quite a few different states, one major thing in common is that crows are everywhere. Supposedly they can be an omen for bad luck, good luck, health, wealth, magic, change and death. Death is the one that makes the most sense, since whenever you see roadkill in Australia (which can be frequent when driving on more remote highways) you will always see crows crowding around the carcass sharing in a meal. It is a bit eerie to know that an animal relishes in death for its survival, but it is also nice knowing that since death must occur, it is great that it feeds into new life.

12 thoughts on “Bad Omens

  1. Anyone who is convinced that crows are bad omens (happily, I’m not one of them) would do well to stay away from Wagga Wagga! I really like the simplicity of this one and the rather cheeky pose it assumed for you.

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    1. Hi Alan,
      They do indeed seem ominous at first, but growing up with them being so common in Australia… I never really thought about it. Certainly if you weren’t used to seeing them before, they can be intimidating.


    1. Thank you Lindy, it was nice posting something different for a change…. its fascinating to me, that now that I have a photography blog, old photos that I would have discarded I am looking at differently now. I really look for the artistic merit of the photo now.


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