Gemini - Art by Laura Lecce
Gemini – Art by Laura Lecce

We are each a Gemini to some extent. Everybody is made up of two people… the person that hides on the inside who bluntly tells us the truth, and the person we portray to the outside world, trying to control others perception of us after we have been heavily filtered. My inner and outer self often disagree, and have a healthy distaste of one another. Trapped to live their lives together, they constantly negotiate my thoughts and actions, my needs and wants. If only it wasn’t so hard to be the person I aspire to be… that carefree thinker, healthy minded, beautiful and intelligent person. But maybe I already am, and my inner self lies to me instead of telling the truth. How will I ever know who is real, and who is lying to me? Maybe we both are.

2 thoughts on “Gemini

  1. I love it, it’s so unique and interesting and I’m so glad you finished it. I can see it on one of my walls & I totally agree with your comments, there is a bit of Gemini in all of us.

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    1. Thanks mum, I was pretty determined on the weekend, I just couldn’t bear it continuing after that, so I needed it done… glad it came out ok. Love you 🙂


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