Making The Climb

Making The Climb - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Making The Climb – Photograph by Laura Lecce

What must life be like for this caterpillar? Its world is so small right now, that this plant seems like the tallest tree to climb. Maybe it doesn’t even think that at all, it just climbs upwards not worrying about how far it is to the top. Slowly, methodically and determined. Does it know or understand that it will have wings and fly one day? Or will its metamorphosis be a surprise and with wings it exits, wondering what happened to the caterpillar body it once had? Its previously small world is all of a sudden much bigger, and it will just fly.

11 thoughts on “Making The Climb

  1. I sometimes wonder the samething. 😉

    Happy New Year! Just wanted to drop by and check out your blog. We are in Blogging 101 together. Great job on your blog.

    Feel free to do by anytime to say hello our just look around.

    Happy Blogging 😉
    Best Regards,

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      1. We Must Find the strength to be true to ourselves. It’s a process, but well worth the effort. 😉 That was awesome. I replied to your comment as well.

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    1. Hi Nick. I’m glad the words resonated well. When I started this, it was all about the photos or the art in a visual sense. Now that I’m used to the process of blogging, I hope to get deeper with the words and the story behind the picture. Thank you for your comment, you are always welcome!


  2. Wonderful thoughts, dear Laura! We all climb and one day achieve something and get to the top and then can fly or fall down! Nature world works pretty the same everywhere, I started to enjoy it and learn from it a lot! Perfect shot for lovely ideas!

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  3. What a wonderful question to ponder — how much consciousness does a caterpillar/butterfly have to begin with? What if Kafka had decided Gregor would be a caterpillar instead of a cockroach?


    1. Hi Jenni. I had never actually heard of the novelist Franz Kafka and his character Gregor Samsa until just now. Thank you for introducing me to a very intriguing story. It would have been a very different tale if Gregor had been metamorphosed into a caterpillar with the potential to become a beautiful butterfly instead of a vile and monstrous insect-like creature. Great comment!


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