Friday Flower – Lavender with a hint of cabbage

Lavender with Butterfly - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Lavender with Butterfly – Photograph by Laura Lecce

A peaceful Friday photograph of lavender with a white cabbage butterfly. I use the word peaceful because lavender oil possesses anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects, and thus, has long been used as a calming agent and to promote sleep. However, Friday is my busiest work day, and I have no time to rest. Instead, I will tell you that this white cabbage butterfly is an agricultural pest in North America and Australia because the caterpillars love to eat crops. We should still have some sympathy for them though, because certain species of wasp will lay their eggs inside the caterpillar and the wasp larvae then eat it from the inside out, ultimately killing the caterpillar. What a horrible way to die! Happy weekend everyone, I hope I didn’t give you nightmares.

Making The Climb

Making The Climb - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Making The Climb – Photograph by Laura Lecce

What must life be like for this caterpillar? Its world is so small right now, that this plant seems like the tallest tree to climb. Maybe it doesn’t even think that at all, it just climbs upwards not worrying about how far it is to the top. Slowly, methodically and determined. Does it know or understand that it will have wings and fly one day? Or will its metamorphosis be a surprise and with wings it exits, wondering what happened to the caterpillar body it once had? Its previously small world is all of a sudden much bigger, and it will just fly.