I Dream of Sunsets

I Dream of Sunsets - Art by Laura Lecce
I Dream of Sunsets – Art by Laura Lecce

I have never lived on the West coast of anywhere… and yet I dream of sunsets. From my vacations, I have countless photographs of sunsets on beaches – I take millions of them. However, when I get home and look back at them, I am always disappointed. To me, a photograph has never captured the vastness of the setting sky. The subtle changes in color as the sun slowly lowers itself to sleep. The true depth of oranges, pinks and yellows as the sky fights off the imminent dusk. The giant mirror of endless ocean which captures the color of the sky, adding its own unique brushstrokes to the magnificent artwork that is the sunset.

He Dreams of Sailing

He Dreams of Sailing - Art by Laura Lecce
He Dreams of Sailing – Art by Laura Lecce

I have a friend who talks of taking sailing lessons. To be out on the water, free to explore. With good friends, good food and a full glass of wine, watching the sun setting over the horizon. This was painted for him, as a reminder to one day pursue his dream of sailing.

Eruption of Gerberas

Eruption of Gerberas - Art by Laura Lecce
Eruption of Gerberas – Art by Laura Lecce

This painting was a snapshot of a bunch of gerberas sitting in a vase in my apartment. I absolutely love the deep redness of these flowers, which translated into a painting with great intensity. The colors and positioning of the flower emulates an explosive volcano which lends itself to the name of this paining.

Winter Beauty

Winter Beauty - Art by Laura Lecce
Winter Beauty – Art by Laura Lecce

Surprisingly, New York winter is a great time for bird spotting in Central Park. The trees are bare, the backdrop is neutral, and there are no leaves to hide behind. So after I had truly had enough of gloomy, freezing winter days, I painted this bright little bird to cheer myself up. He sits above my kitchen bench, and makes me smile every morning while I make my breakfast.

Falling On A Hill

Falling on a Hill – Art by Laura Lecce

This painting is inspired by the Autumn colors seen while hiking at Bear Mountain in New York. Late in the season, rich redish-browns signify the last of the falling leaves and the peak of the leaf litter covering the ground like freshly laid carpet.