A flag footed bug from Belize

Flag footed bug – Photograph by Laura Lecce

This brilliantly colored bug from Belize is called a flag footed bug and is also known as a leaf footed bug (Anisocelis flavolineata). It is found throughout Central America and comes in a variety of brilliant colors. There is very little information about them online, except that they can fly and are relatively harmless to humans. Although they can bite if provoked and it will sting a bit. The festive colors of this insect make it the perfect bug for the holiday season. Enjoy!

18 thoughts on “A flag footed bug from Belize

  1. Amazing bug! I just finished a book about Terri and Steve Irwin, amazing to read about their love for wildlife, in particular Steve’s undying love and enthusiasm for our wild creatures. Happy New Year by the way! Have a wonderful and productive year, I plan on it for myself! hey, and get back to posting your paintings! 😉

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    1. Hi Margaret, this bug is definitely a stunner!
      I used to watch all of Steve Irwin’s documentaries and he was very enthusiastic. It’s such a shame that someone who spent so much time and effort pouring his life into wildlife conservation, died by stingray.

      Have a wonderful New Year too! I will definitely be pushing myself hard next year to be my best and most productive self… and hopefully get time for some paintings 🙂

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  2. What a wonderful find–I don’t think I’ve heard of these before. I’ve encountered several leaf-footed bugs of the Coreidae family, though. I suppose they may be distantly related. Happy holidays, Laura!

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    1. I think they are definitely related somewhere along the line.
      I have to credit this find to my husband, and for holding the leaf steady so that I could get a crisp photo. It helps to have more than two hands sometimes!
      Have a fantastic New Year!


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