Starling in a Snowstorm

Starling in a Snowstorm – Photograph by Laura Lecce

Storms are hard on everyone, but none more so than the poor birds which have very little shelter from the wind and cold. I saw a photo today of a very defeated cockatoo in Australia sitting amongst fallen branches, wet and with most of his feathers blown off by cyclone Debbie. Thankfully he was rescued by the photographer and I hope he will make a speedy recovery. The bird in these photos was weathering out a snowstorm in New York two weeks ago (hopefully our last one of the winter) and was grateful that I provided some breadcrumbs. Actually in truth I am not sure that the bird was grateful because grumpy is its permanent facial expression. I cannot blame him as I’d be grumpy too if I was locked outside in a snowstorm with no socks to keep my feet warm.

Grateful but naturally grumpy – Photograph by Laura Lecce

13 thoughts on “Starling in a Snowstorm

  1. Great photos Laura. The first looks like he is a jailbird with the bars as the background. I hope you have seen the last of the snowstorms. I am off to look for the photo the Aussie Cockatoo after Cyclone Debbie.

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    1. Thanks Linda, your comment made me laugh, he does look like he’s in jail!
      Did you find the poor cockatoo? Thankfully he survived the night, and looks so much better now that he’s dried out.


      1. Yes I found the poor cockatoo. What a mess he looked. This Cyclone Debbie has caused so much damage in our Northern state of Queensland. I am sure there is plenty of wildlife that got a battering with the destructive high winds and floods. Lucky this guy was rescued and will get the care that he needs from a wildlife organisation. Your photos are always so crisp and clear. It can be tricky photographing birds as they move around a lot. I aspire to one day get my birdlife photos as good as yours. Thanks for inspiring me.


      2. Sadly I read today that the poor cockatoo didn’t make it after all. The poor wildlife that suffer through these disasters, I feel so bad for them. Thankfully there are a lot of people out there that do care for injured and sick wildlife to make sure that many survive these huge storms or bushfires.
        Thank you for the compliment about my photos, it certainly is tricky capturing birds. I always admire those people that photograph birds from far away with a telephoto lens (I’ve thought about getting one but they are incredibly expensive). I will have to stick to photographing the birds that are bold enough to come close to me 🙂


    1. Lol, you said exactly what I was thinking when I wrote this post! Fantastic comment. Thankfully I haven’t lived here long enough to suffer from the same affliction but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I succumb to it 😉

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