Peculiar Pizote

Peculiar Pizote – Photograph by Laura Lecce

There are so many animals that I meet on my travels that I didn’t know existed. This pizote was one such animal that I had never heard of until I met this gorgeous creature in Costa Rica. It is also known as a coati and belongs to the same family as raccoons. They are omnivores with a diet of insects, small vertebrates and fruits. Like raccoons they will scavenge through the trash to find something to eat and seem to be quite used to human encounters. They are quite intelligent and have even been kept as domestic pets. This particular pizote seems to have learned that approaching the side of a car may result in being fed, however, on this particularly rainy day he was out of luck.

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10 thoughts on “Peculiar Pizote

  1. Never heard os such an animal, thanks for sharing. We have actually considered Costa Rica for this year, I even bought a travel guide – you mentioned it’s your absolute favorite, why is that?

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    1. I highly recommend going there and I can’t wait to go back again. It is my favourite place in the world mainly because of the incredible numbers of wild animals you will see there. Surprisingly for such a small country, different parts of Costa Rica have different climates and therefore different flora and fauna. My favourite part of Costa Rica for wildlife was Manual Antonio National Park which has a combination of dense forest as well as beautiful beaches. Here you may see sloths, three types of monkeys, iguanas, tucans and so much more. We then stayed in Monteverde and La Fortuna which are more like wet rainforests with so many different lizards and frogs. If you like wildlife, you will love it!

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      1. I love to hear you say that, I wish the world was full of people like us that appreciate nature, animals and the beauty in the world and want to see all of those things maintained for the future instead of destroyed.

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