Friday Flower – Epidendrum Orchid

Epidendrum - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Epidendrum – Photograph by Laura Lecce

New York is currently in full Christmas swing, and so I thought a Christmas colored photo would be a great one for today. This photo is of an adorable type of orchid called an Epidendrum, and they come in a large range of beautiful colors. This photo is actually flipped upside down, as this plant grows its flower stems pointing directly up (instead of many other orchids which arch over) so the flowers actually appear upside down on the stems. This is an orchid which is quite hardy and can tolerate drier conditions than a lot of other orchids, so it will grow outside in Australia without much trouble at all. Happy weekend everyone!!!

For more orchid photos please click here.

5 thoughts on “Friday Flower – Epidendrum Orchid

  1. Beautiful photo! I really don’t like the new format for the WP feed, you get only a snippet of the image and sometimes it is difficult to even tell who or what! what do you think of it? Anyway, your photo makes me think of summer and warmth, thank you! lol I know it is Christmas time but with all this wet weather, I needed to see something bright and cheerful. 🙂

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    1. I was thinking the same thing about the WP reader… I loved the large photos, it made the reader look really pretty without having to click on ever single one.
      Glad I could brighten up your Friday, have a great weekend!

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