Flower Friday – Pointleaf Manzanita

The bleeding bush - Photograph by Laura Lecce
The bleeding bush – Photograph by Laura Lecce

This post today is not so much a flower but a really interesting shrub I saw while recently hiking in Sedona, Arizona. A shrub commonly named pointleaf manzanita (Arctostaphylos pungens), manzanita meaning “little apple” in Spanish. These plants make berries (that look like little apples, hence the name) which are a food source for various wildlife in this dry and harsh environment, and are also harvested to make jam in some parts of Mexico. They have gorgeously twisted, blood-red bark and branches ending in small green leaves. Even more fascinating is that many of them are a tortuous combination of dead (grey) and live (red) parts which look as though blood is streaming down the side of the plant. It is also fitting that an area famous for its red rocks has its very own red shrubs too. Happy weekend everyone!

12 thoughts on “Flower Friday – Pointleaf Manzanita

  1. we have Manzanita in our part of the country as well! I took several photos of several that were quite large, 10-12 feet high. I have always enjoyed seeing them when they are twisted. It is common to see furniture made of the wood, which is very beautiful.

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    1. I haven’t seen furniture made from them, but I’ve only just discovered this plant… maybe now I will notice some. I love their twisted nature, and would love to see some of the larger varieties that you are describing. You are in northern California? Does it snow where you are?

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      1. It does snow…but it all depends on where you are. I went up to the Sierra Buttes to paint today and they had over a couple feet of new snow, it was gorgeous! That is about 35 miles from me. In our little community we might have people who are in the snowline and deal with more snow and yet at our house it might have already melted. In regards to the manzanita, check out this post of mine. On there I estimated them to be about 20 feet! ha….I had forgotten how tall they were. Here is the link: https://yubagold.wordpress.com/category/french-corral/

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