It wasn’t always so peaceful

It wasn's always peaceful - Photograph by Laura Lecce
It wasn’t always peaceful – Photograph by Laura Lecce

Today is an extra special Friday… the one year anniversary of my blog!!! I want to thank everyone (all of my followers) for your support which has made blogging the wonderful experience it has been so far. Today I am breaking Friday tradition, and instead I want to share with you an alternate photo of one of my earliest posts. The original photo below (click here for original post) was of a peaceful Western Australian seascape with well behaved, black and white cormorants. Todays photo above was taken just moments before that one, the cormorants squabbling over a territorial dispute involving expensive waterfront real estate. Together these photos are the perfect metaphor for how quickly life can change in a mere moment, and that no matter how ugly a current situation is, the calm will eventually arrive.

Life at Sea - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Life at Sea – Photograph by Laura Lecce

Early on in my blog I also had a post on my battle with anxiety, especially bad when I travel on airplanes (click here for post). I am proud to say that two days ago I was courageous enough to fly alone for the first time in about 10 years. It wasn’t a great experience with definite moments of panic, but I calmed myself down and I made it. I did it by myself and I can be very proud of that! So here is to the incredible changes that one minute, one hour, or one year of time can bring to someone’s life. Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

30 thoughts on “It wasn’t always so peaceful

  1. Congratulations with your 1st anniversary of your blog ! I love !! the picture !! But you are rather spoiled in Australia what with all the animals and the beauty of the sea and all that !!!:D

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    1. Thank you so much! Us Australians are indeed very spoilt…. but I also find a lot of beauty and very cool animals in the USA too, you just have to know where to look 🙂


      1. oh but I don’t live in the US, I live in Belgium, we don’t hav exotic flowers or colourful animals and birds….and our sea is Always grey, not blue……we were in Arizona in March and that was absolutely fabulous !!!

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      2. Ah, well I guess that will make you appreciate things more when you travel! I know that Belgium weather can be dreary, but there are some amazing photos from there too. I will be going to Arizona next week, and am so excited!


      3. Have a great time in Arizona ! we had ! As I love cacti and my husband loves birds….it was awesome for us ! And the weather in March was about 30C° whilst in Belgium it was freezing 😀


  2. Congratulations on blogging for a year, Laura! So many good blogs seem to fade and vanish after a few months. Well done on sticking with it! Double congrats on overcoming an anxiety which may go on to open even more of the world to you.

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  3. Is it really only a year? I feel like I’ve known you for much longer than that. Your posts have not only resonated with me, but have also provided inspiration for my own photographic passions. Keep up the great work, Laura!

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    1. Hi Gary,
      We met (I discovered your blog) in February, though it does feel longer. Thank you so much for your very sweet comment. It makes me so happy to hear that I provide inspiration, that is one thing in life I really aspire to do both in my work and many hobbies. I can definitely say that your blog does the same for me, and I hope ours is a relationship that lasts long in to the future. Have a wonderful week!


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