Flower Friday – Skipper Butterfly on a Dahlia Bud

Skipper Butterfly - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Skipper Butterfly – Photograph by Laura Lecce

No science today, no facts, and no biology, just an adorable little butterfly on a plump dahlia bud. Why? Because todays post is dedicated to a very dear friend of mine. This post marks a moment in time when our friendship became greater than science. We will always find science in our lives because that is what we are trained to do, and biology will continue to exist around us. Friendships however, can sneak up on us gradually without any realization that it is happening, and will truly blossom when we face moments of hardship together. Together we will survive Winter and Spring will always follow.

9 thoughts on “Flower Friday – Skipper Butterfly on a Dahlia Bud

  1. Skippers have some characteristics of both butterflies and moths and are categorized in a special superfamily, Hesperioidea. They can be among the hardest to photograph well because they’re among the fastest fliers and can zip away in a flash if an eager photographer gets too intimate without great care. Nice shot, Laura!

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    1. Thanks Gary for adding the biology 😉
      I appreciate your compliment too, I was lucky that I was already set up and focused on the bees visiting the Dahlias and this little guy jumped into my view.


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