Flower Friday – Aussie Star

Aussie Star - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Aussie Star – Photograph by Laura Lecce

This flower is an unknown that I photographed in Tasmania. A little, orange, star-shaped flower on a small shrub in the Tassie grasslands. Even though I spent a very long time trawling through Google images under many search terms, the flower and the name remained elusive. I am surely not the only person to have photographed this little gem, so if anyone can shed some light on this flower, that would be very much appreciated. It is fitting that I introduce a star in a month where the talk of planets has been quite abundant. The five planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have been visible this month in the night sky, together, shortly after sunset. I hope some of you have been out sky, star and planet gazing this month. Happy Friday everyone!

7 thoughts on “Flower Friday – Aussie Star

    1. Thanks, I hope someone can help too. There’s always a possibility that it’s an introduced species, maybe someone has seen something related or very similar in their own parts of the world. It looks like a very dry climate shrub, with small leaves and woody branches.

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  1. Surely someone will help you with the ID. I tried a quick search too, and came up with nothing helpful. Lovely flower, though–someone must surely know. Is there a university extension service that might help?

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    1. I thought someone might have seen something similar, but so far not. Thanks for taking a look. I might see whether there is a plant ID service for Tasmania or something similar. All of the online ones I have come across need a search term entered in.


  2. Oh! I know how frustrating trying to ID something is at times. I have tried 6 ways til Tuesday sometimes and have to just admit defeat. I’m not good at that either, BTW 😉
    Hopefully, someone will know it and comment.

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