Flower Friday – Eucalyptus

Aussie Natives - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Aussie Natives – Photograph by Laura Lecce

For those of you wondering why my blog has been quiet lately, I have been on vacation to my home country of Australia. So on my return, I thought it fitting to share with you some photos I took along the way. Todays flower is from the eucalyptus tree. There are many varieties of these beautiful trees and shrubs and most are native to Australia. They play a vital role in  Australia’s natural environment and are found abundantly throughout the country, the only major environment they do not inhabit is Australia’s rainforests. Interestingly they release biochemicals which can influence the growth, reproduction and survival of other organisms, and thus inhibit other plant species growing nearby (this is called allelopathy). Planting these trees and shrubs in your yard are a great way to encourage Australian wildlife to visit your garden, as they attract and support a multitude of Australian wildlife. The most well known eucalyptus eater is the koala, but they also attract cockatoos, rainbow lorikeets and other parrots, gliders and possums. The flowers alone are beautiful to photograph, and even once they fall off, the remaining gum nuts still make for interesting subjects (seen in the photo below). Happy weekend everyone, its a long one in the USA… enjoy!

Eucalyptus - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Eucalyptus Gum Nuts – Photograph by Laura Lecce

19 thoughts on “Flower Friday – Eucalyptus

    1. Thank you Leyla, I have missed you too! I saw you put out a post on Chicken Satay, one of my absolute favorites… I will be making your recipe this weekend 🙂
      Glad to be back!

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    1. Hi Dan, yes it’s good to be back. Hope you have settled in well to the new job, and the winter isn’t too harsh for you to be outside with your camera. I can see why you wanted to capture that warm fire…

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      1. Thanks Laura – the job isn’t so new anymore! As for the cold, I’ve just been out in Martin Place shooting with my new 80D. Cold people make for good photo’s 😉


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