Flower Friday – Pink Speckled Phalaenopsis

Pink Speckled Phal - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Pink Speckled Phal – Photograph by Laura Lecce

Actually the proper name for this orchid is Doritaenopsis Ackers Sweetie ‘Dragon Tree Maple.’ It is one of my favorite hybrids to grow at home, mostly because the flowers were so big (the size of my palm) and so interesting to look at. Every time I look into the pink speckles of this flower it looks like a huge colony of bats flying away from the cave in the center and getting further and further into the distance as they fly away. Maybe I just have a vivid imagination, but either way the pattern on this flower really does come alive! Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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12 thoughts on “Flower Friday – Pink Speckled Phalaenopsis

      1. lol, makes sense, just never really thought about it that way. You can definitely keep the squirrels, there’s more than enough of those to go around! I will miss them when I move back to Australia one day.

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