What a Poser

What a Poser - Photograph by Laura Lecce
What a Poser – Photograph by Laura Lecce

This stunningly beautiful reptile finds its home in a resort in Aruba, a beautiful island in the Caribbean. Actually I was surprised and delighted to find that many iguanas use the resort pool, and surrounding display rocks for their own personal sunning spots. Even more relaxed than the tourists on vacation, these iguanas are so accustomed to having people around them, that they were most obliging to model for some close up portrait photos.

14 thoughts on “What a Poser

    1. Hi Allyse,
      I’m always so excited to see iguanas on vacation, we don’t have any native iguanas in Australia, so its always a treat for me. We do have goannas though, but the colors aren’t anywhere near as beautiful.

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