Dance of the Dragonfly

Red Dragonfly - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Red Dragonfly – Photograph by Laura Lecce

This one’s for you Walter… (for everyone else, if you want to see AMAZING dragonfly photos you should most definitely click here to visit Walter Sanfords blog). So here are my amateur attempts at photographing some dragonflies, and I’ve discovered that you need a lot of patience to do this. These first two are from Singapore, which were sitting in a giant lily pond in the national botanic gardens, a stunning place, especially if you like orchids.

Another Red Dragonfly - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Another Red Dragonfly – Photograph by Laura Lecce

The last one was from Costa Rica, and was continually circling a small pool of water outside my door. I stood for at least 45 minutes (felt like hours) in sweltering hot sun and ridiculous humidity, sweating like never before, all waiting for this dragonfly to land so I could take a damn photo. It actually did land every now and then, always in the same spot, but only for a second before taking off again and flying in circles. So I knew exactly where to point my camera and wait for the landing. Disappointingly, this was as close as I could get, otherwise it refused to land at all. So not a great photo, but I really tried!

Pink Dragonfly - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Pink Dragonfly – Photograph by Laura Lecce

9 thoughts on “Dance of the Dragonfly

  1. Dragonflies are interesting to look out because they really take time to land, especially when someone is very close. I laughed when I read about the difficulties you encountered in trying to take some shots, and that made me appreciate the photos more. Thanks Laura for bringing this to us.

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    1. Thanks Paul, I’m glad my escapades could make you laugh. 🙂
      I think that’s what I love about photographing insects and animals, they all have a personality and character, so sometimes you just need to get very lucky.

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