Flower Friday – Pink Water Lily

Pink Water Lily - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Pink Water Lily – Photograph by Laura Lecce

So I’m introducing something new…Flower Friday! Not that Fridays need to be any more awesome than they already are, but hey, it sounded good. The first flower I have chosen is the water lily, and in particular, this perfectly formed pink one. It is one of my dreams to eventually have water lilies in a pond in my very own backyard (first I need a yard though, but a minor point). I imagine my water lily pond to be home to a huge family of frogs (now you see where I’m going with this…). Lots of very cute and shiny subjects to photograph! Have a great weekend everyone   🙂

22 thoughts on “Flower Friday – Pink Water Lily

  1. Beautiful picture, Laura. The idea of having water lilies in a pond at your backyard, which will eventually become a home for a huge family of flogs, is a good idea. I can’t wait to see the cute and shiny pictures of the surroundings.

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    1. This photograph was taken at The Summit Gardens in Vanuatu. A very large and beautiful garden which, like the rest of Vanuatu, is now recovering after a huge cyclone hit this poor little country in 2015.


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