Spot the Clowns

Spot The Clowns - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Spot The Clowns – Photograph by Laura Lecce

Watching clownfish swimming amongst a brightly colored anemone has always been a magical moment of any snorkeling trip for me. This photo actually has three of them, with the two smaller ones safely hiding amongst the stinging tentacles of their home, whilst the leader boldly sizes me up. Its very cute to watch, and always brings a big smile to my face (which usually means my mask fills with water and I momentarily drown). Common clownfish are seen in warmer tropical waters ranging from eastern Indian Ocean to Southeast Asia. The fish in this photo call the waters around Malaysia their home. They are such a beautiful sight to see, that I get so very disappointed and angry to hear that their numbers are decreasing due to the demand of the pet trade. I can imagine for some, that it might seem nice to watch them swimming in a tank in your home, but isn’t it so much more exciting to spot them happily swimming in their home in the ocean?

13 thoughts on “Spot the Clowns

  1. That’s a cute and perfect candid snap ! Nice thoughts 🙂 I agree with your viewpoint that fish need to be left to swim freely in the ocean with complete freedom rather than being kept in aquariums or tanks at homes or elsewhere. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I wish more people thought that way too! There is such beauty in nature and the world needs to try hard to keep it that way. We can always invite nature into our homes through photos.

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    1. I know. You’d think making a lovable character out of an animal would help conservation, sadly this one went the opposite way. There are however, very devoted people around the world trying every day to repopulate and conserve coral reefs. I truly hope the battle to save our natural beauties can be won.


  2. By far my favourite fish, long before Nemo made them famous.

    As with all creatures though, beauty is best when in their natural home.

    As a wise person once quipped, if you like a flower, you pick it and place it in a vase.
    If you love a flower, you leave it where it belongs to live it’s life.

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