Baby Croc

Baby Croc - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Baby Croc – Photograph by Laura Lecce

Even the largest and scariest of animals were once a cute little baby (except birds which definitely get cuter with age). This adorable baby crocodile is contently sunning itself in a river in Cairns, located in far north Queensland. As cute as this little guy may be, where there is a baby, there must be a mummy and a daddy. Cairns is home to saltwater crocodiles, currently the largest living reptiles, and the much larger and more aggressive cousin of the freshwater crocs. It made me very glad that I was in a boat on this river and not in a small canoe!

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek - Photograph by Laura Lecce
Hide and Seek – Photograph by Laura Lecce

Rhinoceros beetles are the largest of all beetles, and in far north Queensland can grow up to 2.5inches (about 6cms). I’d like to think that this beautiful male rhinoceros beetle who lives in Cairns is playing hide and seek with his lady friend inside the coconut. However, it might be that he is actually having a territorial dispute with another male over this lovely coconut house. The beetle in the coconut was also playing hide and seek with me, so I didn’t get a good look to see if it had horns or not (which only males have and are used to fight off other males over the privilege to mate with a female). Judging by the thick armor and huge horns, I get the feeling though that male beetles just don’t know how to be friendly at all.